mobile apps for relocation

Help employees organise their move with these mobile apps.

Exercising, cooking, health checks, many things have been made easier with the advent of new apps. For employees or clients relocating abroad the stress levels can be high. Consider using one of these mobile phone apps to aid in the relocation process.

1. Moving List – An app for iPhone and iPod Touch, it contains a to-do list with 95 pre-programmed tasks commonly associated with moving and the option to add your own. It also includes a timeline telling you how far in advance you should be finding packing boxes, packing, notifying utility companies, shipping things etc. Cost: US$2.99

2. Moving Van – Also for the iPhone and iPod Touch this app is great for organised movers and for smooth unpacking. It allows you to keep track of your boxes and what’s inside each one. Take pictures of the contents of the box and assign it a number or a name, you can also allocate it a room for when you unpack. If you’re looking for an item that hasn’t yet been unpacked you only need to search your app which will give you the box name or number. This can also be used for insurance purposes, useful for a move abroad. Cost: US$1.99

3. My Move – A new app for iPhone and recently launched on Android and the Kindle Fire. This app is designed to take the user through the whole moving process. While some features are more useful for people not using relocation agents, there are still some very useful tools. Checklists help you to organise the moving process and access to 1000 moving companies can help answer questions about packing, shipping and moving tips. Cost: Free

4. Moving Day – For iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad, this app is similar to Moving Van. It helps you track everything as you pack and offers a barcode scanner and label maker help you identify boxes. You can print or email reports directly from the app to keep records incase of lost or damaged items. Cost: Free

5. Moving Guru – For Blackberry and iPhones, this app contains the usual checklist beginning 10 weeks before your move. It also provides packing tips and a glossary of moving terminology. One of the handiest features is the “We’ve moved” tool, which allows pre-selected contacts to receive your new address. Cost: Free

Kathleen says:

A must have apps in your phone, this will greatly help and gives you more resources when you plans about moving. Not to mention 3 of the apps are free 🙂