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A new survey has shown nearly a half of expats moving to the UAE don’t have enough practical information. A third found the relocation process more difficult than they expected, according to the research from Zurich, an international insurance company. The survey of 775 expatriates in the UAE was conducted by YouGov, and found the […]

Generally defined, emotional resilience is the psychological ability to adapt to the significant challenges, misfortunes and major set-backs that life throws our way. It allows us to either maintain or return to a positive view of life after turmoil. I’ve come to believe that fostering emotional resilience is important for everyone, but is absolutely essential […]

Despite the rewards of expat life, a majority of expats return to their country of origin eventually. This certainly isn’t true of everyone, but definitely to the extent that an expatriate lifestyle is often a temporary affair. Looking at the reasons expats return home provides some insight into the challenges of building a new life […]

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