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Due to globalisation the importance of intercultural competence, and therefore of intercultural training, has risen enormously. Not only as an expat do you have to deal with many foreign cultures, but also in your own country while working with foreign colleagues, customers or suppliers. To meet this demand, many companies have specialised in intercultural training […]

Nowadays, it is not only travellers who experience and understand cultural differences and issues. More and more companies around the world define themselves as multicultural. Working with people who do not share the same cultural values, viewpoints and backgrounds can be difficult and can severely affect work practices. Do other team members perceive me the […]

The total number of employees on international assignments has stayed relatively stable over the last few years. However, the number of global nomads (people who move from country to country on multiple assignments) and long-term expats has increased. This is creating challenges for employers when it comes to providing expatriate benefits. According to Mercer’s 2011/2012 […]

A recent study has shown the number of people moving abroad for work continues to increase. While this is benefiting the recruitment and relocation industries, it brings risks in terms of international compliance. The biggest risk for recruiters or companies is found when moving talent across borders. The “2011 Global Talent Mobility Survey” of more […]

Exercising, cooking, health checks, many things have been made easier with the advent of new apps. For employees or clients relocating abroad the stress levels can be high. Consider using one of these mobile phone apps to aid in the relocation process. 1. Moving List – An app for iPhone and iPod Touch, it contains […]

Onyx Hospitality Group has over 4,000 employees in several countries, including China, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Maldives. It has grown considerably since 2008, partly by leveraging on a unique strategy of employee development. In effect, Onyx creates a cohesive organization by marketing the hotel brand to its own employees. The Nation‘s Pichaya Changsorn recently […]

The University of Berkeley, California, took steps to support expat spouses by creating a class called “Creating a Fulfilling Life in America,” available to spouses of international scholars, postdocs, students and researchers. The six-week course focuses on issues such as dealing with culture shock, making American friends and managing stress. Each class session concludes with […]

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