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Despite the ongoing global economic crisis, companies are increasing the number of employees they send abroad. According to the 2012 Global Relocation Trends Survey report, overseas assignments increased at 64 percent of companies in 2011, compared with 43 percent the previous year. Among these companies 63 percent expect this trend to continue in 2012. This […]

A recent study has shown the number of people moving abroad for work continues to increase. While this is benefiting the recruitment and relocation industries, it brings risks in terms of international compliance. The biggest risk for recruiters or companies is found when moving talent across borders. The “2011 Global Talent Mobility Survey” of more […]

Exercising, cooking, health checks, many things have been made easier with the advent of new apps. For employees or clients relocating abroad the stress levels can be high. Consider using one of these mobile phone apps to aid in the relocation process. 1. Moving List – An app for iPhone and iPod Touch, it contains […]

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